So, you think you can write?

Guidance of a Good Woman 

seeks Guest Writers* for a monthly special feature


The guest writer will write one blog about any food or drink related topic, but it must have to do with something that will interest a varied audience.  For example, if you live in Baltimore, you could write about the food or a restaurant you find in Baltimore;  a food-related philosophy you hold; a unique food experience; an awesome dish that you make; a food memory; etc.  Pretty much anything, but I will have the right to approve the topic and edit the content.  The writer must submit at least three high-quality digital photographs to accompany the feature.  The writer will be promoted and featured on the blog, Guidance of a Good Woman

The writer must be able to submit work to meet an agreed upon deadline and have the ability to engage an audience. 

About Guidance of a Good Woman:
An honest, humorous weekly blog discussing food and its role in life.  I do not take either too seriously. Cook, eat, drink, grow!

Please contact me via email or Facebook.

*Unpaid, but good exposure! 

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