14 August 2013

The Bitter End

Be prepared...the end is definitely near.

A few summers ago, I officially declared it 'The Summer of the Mojito'.  I couldn't get enough of their limey deliciousness!  This summer, however, I forgot to grow mint; and any mojito-swiller worth their rum knows that the mint is the stuff.  Sadly, I was stuck drinking faux- hitos; which, believe me, are not nearly as refreshing.

I had to think of a new drink...and quick. It's mid-August already, for goodness' sake!  So out came the trusty Citadelle gin, and what do you know?  The Bitter End, borne out of desperation and my own gardening inadequacy, saved the rest of the summer.

Bitters rule.

The end is inevitable...so go ahead and have a decent cocktail before dinner, why don't you?

The Bitter End

1.5 oz of Citadelle gin
4-6 dashes of Angostura Bitters
1/2 fresh lime, juiced
1-2 sugar cubes
Club soda
Lime wedge garnish

Fill a rocks glass with ice.  Drop in the sugar cubes (I like my drink rather bitter, so I take one cube; but if you are not so brave, please add two sugar cubes).  Shake the bitters over the sugar.  Squeeze the lime over the ice, sugar, and bitters (I like to use a fork to get as much juice as possible).  Stir until the sugar is dissolved.  Add the gin, then top with soda.

Bon courage!
  Please drink responsibly!

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