25 July 2013

Homemade liquor*

Blackberry liquor in-the-making!
It all started yesterday when I went to check out my blackberry vines to see what I could pilfer for a quick snack.  To my delight, there were hundreds of delicious sun-ripened berries, all waiting to be picked!  As I quickly plucked the berries off the plant, I started to think about making a tasty jam, pie, or cobbler.  But then I had an epiphany:  I will make booze!  Well, it was either divine intervention or I was inspired by memories of a recent viewing of 'Mountain Monsters'.  Did you know that Mothman indeed DOES exist in the foothills of Tennessee?  

17 July 2013

Jerusalem cuisine

Fresh homemade pita bread

I am, like millions of others, seriously into Jerusalem, a recent cookbook by Ottolenghi and Tamimi that extols the varied cultural cuisine of that city.  Cooks and food bloggers around the world spent the last year gloriously exploiting (much to the authors' delight, I'm sure) each and every recipe in this book, with such clever ideas such as Jerusalem potluck dinners, Jerusalem cooking classes, etc.  Not wanting to miss the boat, but not wanting to be too cliché, either- I've decided to share with you, dear reader, a recipe that is complementary to Middle Eastern cuisine, but not included in the book: homemade pita bread.