07 October 2012

Golabki, Krasuski-style

Grandma Krasuski and my dad, Richard Krasuski, in Grandma's kitchen (c. 1957).

My grandma, Helen Krasuski, just turned 94 years old.  She lives in a nursing home now, and not by choice- believe me.  She lived in the house my grandpa, Joe Krasuski, and his brothers built in Brighton, Michigan until she was 92.  

The house that Grandpa built on Ore Lake in Brighton, Michigan.

When I was young, Grandma would cook like no one’s business.  She made everything- from pickles to many different kinds of pierogis to Czarnina (duck blood soup- I think my dad was the only one interested in that).  And the cookies she would bake at Christmas?  I could only dream about baking like that.