09 September 2012

The Leanest Cuisine

I didn't forget about you.  I am just so busy this week...I have 29 adorable little five-year olds who need me!  You understand, don't you?

David came home last night after working the Bruce Springsteen concert, tired and hungry after a 15 hour day, and this is what he got for dinner.


A grown man...260 calories!  Who is responsible for this travesty?!  

That would be me, who ate a big bowl of pasta with tomato, broccoli, garlic, parmigiano-reggiano, and olive oil for dinner; surrounded by all of my teacher's editions, pencils, plan book, and two computers.  At 2:30 PM.  It was delicious.  I ate it all.  I didn't even think of making enough for David to eat when he got home.  Sorry, honey.

I am so busy.  And I am still looking for guest bloggers!  That's right, I am looking at you.  You can so do it.   

01 September 2012

The Recipe

Not a recipe!  This is a menu for a special dinner that Jacques Pepin cooked at The Ritz-Carlton Chicago in 1997.  Jacques wrote and hand-colored each menu, believe it or not.  David cooked with him that night, and Jacques signed a menu to him (see lower left).  It hangs in our dining room.

Recently, David and I were discussing the fact that people always want “The Recipe” for something, like it holds the big, fancy secret to why something tastes so delicious.  For example: someone once asked David for his recipe for roasted turkey.  Really?  Roasted turkey?  Well, let me check my recipe book....oh, yes...here it is.  Right between “hard-boiled eggs” and “buttered toast”.