17 August 2012

In response to Take-out Chinese

Dear reader,

Please note, I was certainly NOT meaning to be offensive with my post, Take-out Chinese.  It has been brought to my attention that a few people, whose opinions are important to me, thought that my post was mean-spirited and that my intent was to make fun of Chinese culture.

This blog is written in the spirit of entertainment, and to tell the reader a bit about small moments in my life.  I really thought that I was making fun of David and I and how dorky we are!  I would never, ever publish something that I truly thought would offend anyone, nor did the thought even cross my mind that it could be seen as offensive.  I feel the same about the posts where I talked about Giada's head, or my chip-dip ear, or imitated a French accent.  As with those posts, I meant no ill will, bias, or racially motivated nastiness.

Please accept my apology if this blog post offended you in any way.  It was never my intent to malign anyone or any culture.  After much thought, I have decided to remove the post because it is apparently not being taken in the spirit I meant it to be.  And I really hope that Marcus and Jack never learn to read, or I am really in big trouble.

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