25 July 2012

Cooking Show Lentil Salad

Lentil and brown rice salad from a cooking show.

I’ve never made anything from a cooking show.  Never.  Not that I have anything against cooking shows, but I just really don’t have any patience for most recipes.  Honestly, that is why I was never a great pastry chef: I had plenty of wonderful ideas, but I just didn’t have the patience to follow a recipe.  I just wing everything, which is either good or bad, depending upon your personal philosophy.  But a few weeks ago, when it was so stinking hot outside, I flipped on the telly in the middle of the day to see Giada.  I couldn't look away!  

20 July 2012

Summer of Hummus

Fresh hummus, veggies, and pita

For me, hummus is this summer’s mojito: last year, I drank mojitos like they were going out of style.  As it turns out, I was right: you don’t hear much about mojitos anymore, do you?  I rest my case.

13 July 2012

Where there's smoke...

Caught in the act.

I married a smoker.  
I know, I know...but really, I had no idea. 
Well, OK...maybe I just chose to live in a state of denial.  What was I thinking?

Looking back, I realize that all the signs were right there: the smoky smell, the sneaking off to the backyard, the glazed over eyes, the after-dinner need to take a solitary drive to Lowe’s, the lighters...how could I have been so blind?  I knew the truth deep down, but I guess I just wasn’t ready to accept it.

06 July 2012

Panini, Monte Carlo-style

Panini chez moi, with turkey, tomato, mozzarella, and basil

About ten years ago, David and I took an incredible trip to Nice, France.  After a few days of enjoying the sun, sea, and cuisine (including David’s dream of eating bouillabaisse next to the Mediterranean, gorgeous fruits and vegetables, lots of crepes Grand Marnier, rosé, and socca*), we got antsy for a change from the typical French offerings.  After enjoying some awesome pizza at a little Niçoise café, we got the grand idea that we wanted to go to Italy for a day trip.